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We focus on making your customers happy. This leads to higher conversion rates and liquidity of your company. The customer-centric technology delivers individualised communication.

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6 Reasons for collectAI

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The AI-based system covers the entire value chain of collectAI services. It is being continuously expanded to achieve even better results. A neutral approach is ensured thanks to basic samples.

Numerous Communication Channels

Numerous Communication Channels

Channel selection is flexible and innovative: text messages, e-mail, messenger services, chatbots and others can be easily integrated.

Large Selection of Payment Solutions

Large Selection of Payment Solutions

Our landing pages offer a wide range of direct payment options, which are proven to increase conversion rates - and thus your company's cash flow.

Landing Page in your Branding

Landing Page in your Branding

collectAI offers e-invoicing and payment reminder mechanisms as white label solutions. Your customer interacts exclusively with your company's corporate design and thus remains within the brand experience that you've created during acquisition and purchase.

Customer Orientation (UX / UI)

Customer Orientation (UX / UI)

The technology puts the end customer at the centre of the services. This makes customers feel well served and feel like they are being listened to. It leads to higher conversion rates and recovery rates. At the same time, satisfied customers re-purchase, or use your services again.

Flexible Integration across Platforms

Flexible Integration across Platforms

Regardless of already existing systems, our technology can be easily integrated through APIs and other tech solutions like secure file transfer.


Working with collectAI is a win-win situation for the company, our client, and its customer.

  • Efficiency

    Cost reduction through smart automation and use of digital channels.

  • Effectiveness

    Higher repayment rate and faster recovery.

  • Customer Retention

    Increased level of satisfaction causing repurchases.

  • Transparency

    Open information on outstanding bills.

  • Customer Service

    Interactive feedback regarding questions.

  • Time Saving

    Simple and frictionless payment.

Proof of Concept

Receivables management in large cooperations.

Utility Company

  • Payment reminder processes with a combination of analogue plus digital channels
  • Seven different workflows

better recovery rate
lower costs in payment reminder processes

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