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collectAI provides AI-based collection services to help its clients manage account receivables. Its sophisticated technology increases returns and improves the consumer experience by balancing between collection rates, costs and customer retention.

Are you a customer and have received a message from us?
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Our Solution

We cover the full end-to-end process for receivables management, starting with sending e-invoices, over to the dunning process and debt collection. With our proprietary AI-based technology we offer a broad range of digital communication channels and payment methods.



Artificial Intelligence


Tone, Channel, Time & Fee Agent

Tone, Channel,
Time & Fee Agent



Integrated Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Our Services

1. E-Invoicing


collectAI converts traditional letters into email, sms or other digital channels and connects it to customer-friendly payment options at individual requirements.

2. Dunning


Most customers do not intend to skip paying. They might not have received the invoice, forgot it or lost it. Our dunning process – also called white label collection – focuses on an adequate tone of voice as well as the right channel and timing.

3. Debt Collection

Debt Collection

It is the smallest percentage in the receivable management value chain and can be minimized by using steps 1 and 2. In the few cases where the customer does not pay, collectAI takes care of the whole process with the ultimate to increase your ROI.

Our USPs

We focus on making the lives of your customers easier, which results in better conversion rates – more revenue – for your business. The technology is fully centered around the consumer’s needs and therefore increases customer retention.

Self-Learning AI

Self-Learning AI

Self-Learning AI

The Artificial Intelligence system supports the complete value chain around collectAI’s services. It continuously learns, constantly trying to optimise the result. A non-biased approach is ensured, thanks to baseline samples and backtests.

Variety of communication channels

Variety of communication channels

Variety of communication channels

The channels setup is flexible and innovative: SMS, email, messenger services, chatbots and further options can easily be integrated.

Variety of payment solutions

Variety of payment solutions

Variety of payment solutions

Our landing pages offer variety of payment methods for the customer, which has proven to increase the conversion rate – leading to a better cash flow for your business.

White label landing pages

White label landing pages

White label landing pages

Our e-invoicing and payment reminder services are white label solutions. Your end consumer will be facing a fully branded landing page adjusted to your corporate design.

Fully customer-centric approach

Fully customer-centric approach

Fully customer-centric approach

Our technology is set to focus on the customer as the center of our services. This also means that customers feel well-served and listened to, clearly increasing the rate of collections and customer loyalty.

Flexible cross-platform integration

Flexible cross-platform integration

Flexible cross-platform integration

No matter which systems you work with, our technology can easily be integrated via APIs and further technical solutions.


Working with collectAI is a win-win situation for both,
the company, our client, as well as its customers, the end consumer.



Cost reduction through smart automation and use of digital channels


Higher repayment rate and faster execution

Customer Retention

Increased level of satisfaction causing repurchases



Fair and open communication

Customer Orientation

Communication via the preferred channel

Time Saving

Simple and frictionless payment

Proof of Concept

Since our launch in 2016 we optimised our approach with first clients from medium to large enterprises. The example below shows the improvement of relevant KPIs such as collection rate, repayment speed and customer satisfaction.

Proof of Concept

repayment with


with collectAI


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a system that recognises patterns in the environment and acts based on the self-learning mechanism with the ultimate goal to constantly maximize the result of the task.

collectAI applies this technology to improve receivables management and innovate the decision-making process in the fastest and most efficient automated way. The process is driven by four agents controlling AI:

  • AI changes static scenarios into a more flexible process constantly improving strategies
  • Time-, Channel- and Tonality-Agent find the most effective communication approach for the customer
  • It starts at a high quality level thanks to previous learnings

Action chosen


About us


collectAI is a young team of >40 passionates with technological, financial and business background. Founded in 2016 it is a subsidiary of the Otto Group, Germany’s largest e-commerce retailer.

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Our promise: We maximize the result of receivables management while protecting the customer relationship. We design a more effective and more efficient debtor management process.

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