Data enrichment AI for an efficient order-to-cash process

The quality of your customer data is crucial for an efficient order-to-cash process. Data Enrichment AI delivers premium-quality data: Artificial intelligence optimises data quality from the very first customer contact – for fewer payment disruptions in receivables management and greater efficiency in the entire order-to-cash process.


Lack of Data Enrichment Leads to Challenges Due to Inadequate Customer Data

In today’s business world, digital customer data plays a crucial role in a company’s success. Provided they are correct and complete. However, a recent study revealed considerable deficiencies in data quality: around one in eight addresses in the customer master data of many organisations is incorrect.

In addition to addresses, payment and communication data are also deficient. The reasons for this manifest themselves along the entire customer journey, for example because customers do not communicate changes to their mobile phone number or address or they make mistakes when creating customer profiles or because companies generally request too little data.