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6 Reasons for collectAI White Label Payment Pages

White Label Payment Pages are an easy way to let your customers pay. Generated within seconds, payment links can be either sent by yourself e.g. via e-mail or text message, or our system delivers the link directly in your name to your customers. Through a White Label Payment Pages in the look and feel of your brand, customers are offered various payment options, such as PayPal and credit card.

Fast Payment and Convenient Transaction

Fast Payment and Convenient Transaction

By sending reminders and invocies directly to your customers, optimised to various end devices and integration of convenient payment methods, you can speed up the payment and ensure a good user experience.

Flexible Payment Methods

Flexible Payment Methods

Whether credit card, PayPal, Klarna / SOFORT or direct debit - collectAI integrates a variety of payment methods and gateways according to your needs. We also offer alternative payment methods.

Coverage of all Communication Channels

Coverage of all Communication Channels

The payment link can be sent via various channels such as text message, e-mail, in-app message or messenger services. Even a letter including a QR code is possible.

Additional Services

Additional Services

Our payment link does not just offer payments. If you wish, you can also include a chat function for customer care, callbacks, or structured feedback or a page for updating your own data.

Payment Security

Payment Security

Depending on the payment method you can have a payment guarantee directly at the time of payment. Several methods minimise or eliminate chargebacks. You get the authorisation confirmation instantly.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Payment Links can be integrated very easily. So you can create a Payment Link via API, by file exchange or via our web portal.

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Our solution explained

Simply send payment inquiries via text message, messenger or e-mail with the collectAI Payment Links.

What is special about the Payment Links technology by collectAI?

Payment Links are a flexible solution that can be easily integrated into your existing processes. It is also possible to apply Payment Links during the invoicing, payment or debt collection processes. Payment Links are always a white label solution in the look and feel of your brand individually shaped to your demand. An integration requires little technical effort.

Technical Integration

The technical integration of the collectAI solution is straightforward and can be completed within a few working days. It consists of the following steps:

Data exchange

Case data of your customers are transmitted via API or SFTP (CSV, XML or JSON). Our powerful and extensive APIs support the remote control of the collectAI system, for example, to create or delete a link.


Via the collectAI management portal you can determine, control and adjust the customer communication of the Payment Links yourself.

Landing page

We design the landing page in the look and feel of your brand with the desired functions, language options, feedback options etc. (see Features)

Payment setup

We integrate the preferred payment methods, payment gateways and set up a process for payment reconciliation or payment matching.

Monitoring and reporting

The technical integration takes into account the return of information into your systems. You determine which events should be reported back and which requirements the reporting has. In principle we offer webhooks as well as standardised weekly reports. On request, we also provide you with the raw data.

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What is the difference between payment links or payment requests and e-invoicing?

A payment link can be sent at any time, regardless of the invoice. For example, when concluding a sales contract, the first instalment can be reconciled via payment link. A payment link can be integrated into an invoice, but the payment link can also be used without an invoice.

What are the advantages of payment links?

Payment Links are a cost-effective, instant payment solution for medium and large businesses. You do not need your own website, the link will be sent directly to your customers. Payment links can facilitate payment in very different industries: e.g. the down payment for a kitchen or the purchase of a car up to the fast payment of an insurance to obtain instant protection or payment of an overdue mobile bill, so that the customer can use his contract immediately. The applications vary.

How exactly do payment links work?

Payment links are an easy way to let your customers pay via link. The customer clicks on the link to a landing page in the look and feel of your brand and selects different payment options, such as PayPal and credit card, to settle the payment directly.

What is a Payment Link?

Via payment link you can receive payments for goods and services. You can simply generate the link via API, portal or file exchange and then send it to the person who should pay, or have it automatically sent via our system. The customer can handle the payment directly through various payment options.