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The software platform handles automated and digital communication with your end customers and offers landing pages in your design and numerous online payment methods. Our technology supports you in learning, improving and making the best decisions across the receivables management process. Smart receivables management processes are created through A/B testing, reporting, and analytics as well as Artificial Intelligence.

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Modular Solution for various industries

collectAI’s modular software platform supports receivables management processes. It digitizes and automates the decision-making process for clients from various industries such as banking, e-commerce, utility, mobility, insurance, telecommunications and many more.

The platform offers a variety of functions, including:

  • Artificial Intelligence: For optimal decisions with a high degree of automation – read more about the AI here
  • User Experience (UX): For an ideal user experience for business and end customers
  • Open and easy to integrate with comprehensive APIs and export options
  • Security and privacy by design, continuously tested and developed


Our software flexibly optimizes the receivables management. Both, the client and its customer benefit from it.

Integration via API, Webhooks and Data Export

Our API including the documentation is publicly available at

Management Portal

Data can be imported via the collectAI management portal, templates can be customized for customer communication and communication scenarios can be controlled. Response to individual cases is also possible.

Variety of Communication Channels

Being on a par with the customer means covering all communication channels. Our service integrates text messages, e-mail, messenger, letter and other services on request.

Communication Scenarios

Together with our clients, we define at what time the customer will be approached and which channel will be selected. Different scenarios can be defined to suit the specific needs of the customer segments. Additionally, these scenarios are evaluated through A/B tests to continuously optimize communication.

White Label Payment Pages

An individual payment link leads your end customers to a landing page designed in your brand’s identity, featuring diverse payment methods as well as feedback options. This way, a seamless brand experience is ensured.

Multi Currency and 
Language Support

Landing pages can be controlled flexibly via the language settings, depending on the browser settings. On request, you can also send e-mails to your customers in other languages. For your international presence, you can also flexibly adapt currencies and time zones, depending on the country.

Numerous PSPs and Payment Methods

Various payment service providers (PSPs) and acquirers are connected to our solution. This ensures that your PSP is also available and - if applicable - existing payment processes can be used. In addition, PSPs ensure that a variety of payment options such as credit card, PayPal, cash payments or a PSD2-compatible direct transfer are offered. In addition, we offer local payment methods such as iDEAL and Trustly.

Partial Payment and Deferred Payment

Offer to your customers the option of settling invoices, or reminders conveniently in monthly installments that are just right for them.

Customer Service such as Chat and Call Backs

On the landing page in the look and feel of your brand, our solution provides chat, feedback and call-back features. The customer can directly ask questions on the page.

Dispute Management

Disputes are customized to meet the customers’ individual needs for more efficient and effective control of their feedback. For example, customer service can respond promptly to claims that have already been paid.

A/B Testing

Through A / B testing, different strategies and workflows are tested and evaluated. This way, communication with your customers is constantly being optimized.

Reporting and Analytics

Our reporting tool helps you get to know your customers better and gives you accurate insights into payment processes and the customers’ behavior. Despite full automation and fallback scenarios, individual cases are always transparent and can be monitored in real time.

Content Management

The content management feature including templates, placeholders, and a WYSIWYG editor makes it easy to create and flexibly apply the content for the communication scenarios.

Technical Integration

We are happy to assist you with data exchange through individual data exchange processes (ETL). Read more about our integration options in the sections ​​Smart Payment Reminders, Digital Invoices, and White Label Payment Pages.

Security and Data Protection

Comprehensive data protection at the technical and organizational level has the highest priority for collectAI: Sensitive data is protected at all times against unauthorized access in accordance with statutory regulations and beyond. As a subsidiary of the Otto Group, collectAI is subject to the strict corporate requirements in ​​IT security. Our activities include:

  • GDPR

    collectAI complies with the GDPR and fulfills all data protection requirements. The company is guided by the requirements of the Otto Group and has appointed an external data protection officer for compliance with all directives.

  • Data Storage in Germany

    collectAI uses cloud technology and operates the platform exclusively on servers located in Germany. By accordingly concluded agreements, we ensure that data is never stored outside of Germany.

  • Data Encryption

    collectAI encrypts all data during storage and transmission. We use strong RSA encryption techniques.

  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

    For accessing sensitive system areas and data, collectAI uses 2-factor authentication and central key management.

  • Regular Safety Tests

    We constantly check the security of our systems and perform security penetration tests, which are conducted regularly by experts.

  • ISO27001 Certification

    The cloud provider is ISO27001 certified.

  • Data Protection

    As a legal basis for the processing of the data with our clients, we conclude an agreement for the processing of orders before the cooperation begins. collectAI provides the appropriate measures to protect the data according to the legal requirements and coordinates them with you.

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