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customer experience

Love your customer’s journey

Just in time for Valentine’s Day a news that isn’t news: Loving your customer is crucial for the success of your business. Especially after the purchase of a product or service, it is important to continue the positive customer experience. Even if the bill has not been paid in time and the customer slips into the receivables management process.

Dunning can be quite simple: A payment reminder is delivered and the customer pays. But it is often not, because the customer forgets the payment or expects an invoice on a digital channel. The aim is therefore to make the “journey” of the customer as short and as pleasant as possible. There are a few points to note:

1. Customer Dialogue: Communicate in the right way

The key role for a positive customer journey is taken over by [digital] customer dialogue. This begins with the first message. Here, the customer receives his personal message either by SMS, e-mail or letter or other channels. The selection of the channel and frequency is based on the available contact points. Individual steps are designed according to the customer.

2. Landing Page: Guide the customer

The message with the payment request or reminder should go directly to a landing page via a link. Here the customer gets all the details for his bill, can contact the customer service and – as a most important step – settle the outstanding amount immediately.

3. Payment Options: Offer a selection

Various payment methods ensure that the customer finds the right variant for him. In a pre-filled document, the customer confirms his payment details and then pays. If a customer decides not to react to the messages and does not settle the amount, he will be handed over to the debt collection agency. However, this step should be done very late in the process to keep a winning customer as long as possible as a customer.

With this, you can meet the customer at eye level and reach him with high probability. Especially with low invoice amounts, the process costs are reduced at the same time.