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We create customer-centric, friendly, digital payment reminders. Modern payment reminders lead to higher customer retention and increased recovery rates.

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6 Reasons for collectAI payment reminders

We rethink the topic of payment reminders: our solution puts the customer at the centre and ensures a modern and individualised receivables management.

Extensive Receivables Management Strategies

Extensive Receivables Management Strategies

We offer extensive receivables management strategies that connect various modern and traditional communication channels. The receivables management strategies can be tested with different scenarios, so they can find out which receivables management strategy suits which customer group best. In addition, payment links will be integrated on individual levels so that customers can pay quickly and simply.

Automated and Personalised Reminders

Automated and Personalised Reminders

Our solution can fully automatically control the payment reminder mechanisms. Nevertheless, the individuality is maintained. A payment reminder can - depending on the customer profile - be individually controlled in terms of tonality, the selection of communication channels and in terms of the time of contact. On request, you can also outsource the customer service to collectAI (Business Process Outsourcing).

Accessibility & Know-how

Accessibility & Know-how

It is important that your customers can reach us at any time should questions arise. Our customer service ensures full accessibility during business hours via chat, email, messenger and telephone. Our employees are experienced and well-trained professionals.

Digital Channels

Digital Channels

Communication that reaches the customer: reminders via digital channels such as e-mail, text message or messenger reach the customer immediately and facilitate the payment. When digital channels don't work, payment reminders can be sent via letter. The letter can integrate a QR code for a website in order to connect a digital channel as well.

Landing Page & Payment Link

Landing Page & Payment Link

End-customers receive a link to a landing page with various payment methods. The landing page is also mobile optimised for mobile devices. Our solution is a complete white label solution. collectAI does not appear to your customer as a brand to ensure a consistent brand experience in communication, on the landing page, and in all other links. The Payment Link can also be used separately from the payment reminder mechanism.

Cost Cutting

Cost Cutting

Our solution significantly reduces manual telephony, administration activities and saves postal charges for the classic letters. Cost savings from process and postage can be invested in more modern payment methods or for further measures to maintain the customer relationship.

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Our solution explained

Make your payment reminders friendly and customer-centered, transparent and comprehensible for your customers.

What's so special about the collectAI payment reminder mechanism software?

There is no “one-size fits all” answer. All solutions are individualised and fit to your company as well as your customers. Our focus is always on enabling a good customer experience on an equal footing and thus keeping the customer, while at the same time reducing costs and improving the recovery rate.

Technical Integration

The technical integration of the collectAI solution is straightforward and can be completed within a few working days. It consists of the following steps:

Data exchange

Case data of your customers are transmitted via API or SFTP (CSV, XML or JSON). Our powerful and extensive APIs support the remote control of the collectAI system, for example, to create or delete a link.


We create a process that ensures a smooth payment reminder mechanism. In doing so, we coordinate the content, the timing of the channels and the use of the AI ​​with you. Of course, the communication strategy can be adapted at any time. In addition, it is possible to implement several scenarios. Through this it is possible to find out which payment reminder strategy fulfills your goals in the best possible manner.

Landing page

We design the landing page in the look and feel of your brand with the desired functions, language options, feedback options etc. (see Features)

Payment setup

We integrate the preferred payment methods, payment gateways and set up a process for payment reconciliation or payment matching.

Monitoring and reporting

The technical integration takes into account the return of information into your systems. You determine which events should be reported back and which requirements the reporting has. In principle we offer webhooks as well as standardised weekly reports. On request, we also provide you with the raw data.

Individually, customer-oriented and effective. Digital payment reminder mechanisms with collectAI for better customer retention.

The effective processing of delayed payments requires know-how and tact. Our expertise in receivables management combined with the proprietary collectAI technology professionalises your receivables management. We offer our solution as a technical upgrade that supports your existing payment reminder mechanisms (payment reminder mechanism-as-a-service) or take over your payment reminder mechanism completely in the sense of a business process outsourcing.

We are the experts to balance the payment reminder cost, recovery rate and customer retention perfectly. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we use individualised measures to achieve your goals.


Our AI technology allows to reach the customer efficiently and provoke him gently to pay his invoice. Our AI controls the time, frequency, channel and content of the communication as well as the payment method individually according to the customer characteristics. In addition, we also offer a payment plan that can be customised. This increases customer satisfaction and recovery rate and can also reduce costs.


You can determine the scope of the AI by yourself. The AI either only intervenes gently in the payment reminder process and optimises the timing of the communication, or you delegate more extensive tasks to the AI ​​such as choice of communication, channel, or tonality. If the customer does not respond to a communication, a fallback communication strategy is apllied – in order to guarantee your messages are delivered. A large part of the reminder cases does not have to be handed over to the debt collection. As a company, you benefit from faster repayments and lower costs for your payment reminder processes; at the same time, your customer relationship is protected and strengthened – an indispensable competitive advantage.

The cost of our payment reminders solution depends on the volume of orders and the specific requirements of the adjustments. Therefore, prices are calculated individually for each company. Make an appointment for a consultation with our team and have a free and non-binding analysis for your company.

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What our Clients say


Is collectAI a factoring company?

collectAI is not a factoring company and thus does not buy any claims. Generally, this is beneficial for customers and clients. If the needs of the customer and thus customer retention are the focus, payment reminder mechanisms and debt collection are fair and transparent. If the claim is in the possession of the service provider, then usually other goals are in the first place.

Is collectAI buying my demands?

collectAI does not buy any receivables and is therefore not a factoring company. collectAI focuses on customer-centered receivables management as a service provider. This means that claims are not purchased.

What differentiates collectAI from classic receivavbles managers?

collectAI also integrates digital communication channels: In addition to the letter, we use text message, e-mail and messenger services to communicate a payment reminder to the customer. In addition, artificial intelligence controls the ideal time, the right tonality and the channel of communication. All in all, collectAI's digital transformation is always about a changed attitude towards the defaulting customer: the word debtor should be eliminated from the vocabulary. Why? We recommend that customers who have invested a lot of money in acquisition continue to be labelled and treated as customers. After all, in the highly competitive sectors of e-commerce, banking, insurance, publishing, and utilities, nothing is more important than the preservation of your customers. There is also the issue of fees: Our average fees in payment reminder mechanisms are far below the market rates.

How does collectAI improve customer satisfaction?

By communicating at eye level, whether via letter, text message, e-mail, or other means, the customer feels well served. The smooth operation via landing page also facilitates the payment process and saves the customer valuable time. Furthermore the positive brand experience through the continued user experience.

Does the customer-centered payment reminder mechanism of collectAI demonstrably influence the recovery rate?

Yes. Even in the cooperation with our first clients, we were able to prove that the recovery rate with collectAI is consistently higher. In payment reminder mechanisms, we were able to reduce costs by up to 90%, while at the same time improving the recovery rate by up to 24%.