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The Global Fintech Index 2020: collectAI featured as one of Hamburg’s most promising Fintechs

collectAI has been featured as one of Hamburg’s most promising Fintechs. This is the result of the report “The Global Fintech Index 2020” published by the UK-based consulting company Findexable.

Hamburg ranked Fintech Growth Hub #1

For the report, 7,000 fintechs in 65 countries and more than 230 cities were analyzed. The German Hanseatic city ranks on the top position in emerging Fintech locations (“growth hubs”), followed by Tallinn (Estonia) and Copenhagen (Denmark). Growth hubs are cities that are rapidly gaining importance as startup ecosystems and fintech locations. Hamburg has become home to more than 60 fintech companies (as of 08/2019) and has successfully established itself as a location for startups.

The Global Fintech Index 2020

The Global Fintech Index is designed to index and rank fintech activity globally – to highlight opportunities and drive transparency across the ecosystem.

For the ranking, Findexable takes three factors into account: Quantity (number of fintechs, fintech hubs, accelerators, etc.), quality (number of unicorns and events, investments, etc.) and the environment (e.g. the regulatory framework). The analyzed data is gathered from a variety of sources.

Download the complete report here: