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💌 Computop as new PSP, GDPR and success story of a utility company👍

So that new clients can remain with their PSP, we continuously expand our offer. This is why we have added an additional PSP: Computop. Next to Better Payments, Yourpay, Pay360 and Wirecard we are very happy to have another reliable, secure provider for payments onboard.

High GDPR Standards in Customer Communications

To ensure GDPR compliance at its best we offer a variety of tools for customer communications. We have added a second, likewise GDPR compliant provider: Mailjet. Furthermore we are currently integrating with a well-established tool to automate communications via WhatsApp Business.

Utility company: Improved collection rate by 8% and reduced costs by 66%

Our digital process for a utility company was able to increase the collection rate previously handled via letter. We achieved a healthy increase of eight percent using SMS and email communication through to landing pages with integrated payment methods. The cost reduction was]an impressive 66 percent. Central to the improvement was the creation of seven workflows enabling benchmarking and testing.When talking to younger audiences, it’s important to reach them via their preferred communication channel. Steve gives recommendations on how and explains why the phone call is dead for millenials and beyond. More

Off the Record

With everything we do, the team deserved a small break: We had a great barbecue just right next to the Elbphilharmonie to enjoy the last days of summer with our colleagues.

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