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29.09.2021 – Press

Digitalization offensive in receivables management: collectAI adds four new modules to Intelligent Payment Platform

Hamburg-based fintech collectAI is expanding the functionality of its Intelligent Payment Platform with four new modules.

04.01.2021 – Press

Working together for more digitization in the energy sector: cooperation between powercloud and collectAI

(Hamburg/Offenburg, 01/04/2021) powercloud, the leading platform provider for energy suppliers, and the fintech company, collectAI, are launching a cooperation. By doing so, they are combining their expertise and offering new added value to energy suppliers. The goal of the cooperation is to digitize energy supplier processes in their entirety – end to end.

23.12.2020 – Insights

RM Trends for 2021: Business software will become user-friendlier - at last

The more people become accustomed to iPhones and easy-to-use apps in their everyday lives, the higher their expectations are of the software they use at work. Needless to say, business software is often far more complex – nevertheless, it will need to be made more straightforward to continue to find acceptance among enterprise customers and employees. 

17.12.2020 – Insights

Digital receivables management: the 8 biggest trends for 2021

Which trends will be most influential in shaping digital receivables management (RM) in 2021?

Our blog series “RM Trends for 2021” offers some answers. Once a week we’ll be posting a blog in which one of our experts discusses a trend. Today, in Part 1 of our series, we present an overview of the trends you can expect to read about in the weeks ahead.

06.10.2020 – Inside

New changelog for software updates: collectAI is constantly developing

As a technology company, we are continuously improving our product. We document all changes here.

22.09.2020 – Artificial Intelligence / Insights

Three things you should know about artificial intelligence

In our AI webinar, Head of Data Mirko Schuh explained how artificial intelligence can support receivables management. Below we present a summary of the main themes covered in the webinar: 

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18.08.2020 – Inside

collectAI adopts Net Promoter Score and is thrilled about so much customer loyalty

Intelligent payment solutions provider collectAI is delighted to learn it has so many loyal customers. A recent survey into customer satisfaction and the likelihood of them recommending the company revealed that the Hamburg-based FinTech has more promoters (43 percent) than detractors (3 percent). This means that the company’s first ever Net Promoter Score (NPS) stands at 40 percent.

07.07.2020 – Insights

Three quAIstions …an interview with Wiebke Tschorn and Michaela Wittmann

The new Select&Pay feature allows for quick and easy payment, even when items are being returned – no more mental arithmetics or having to watch your typing. In this interview product owner Wiebke Tschorn and senior sales executive Michaela Wittmann talk about who this might interest, what’s so special about it and how businesses can benefit.

06.07.2020 – Inside

Surrounded by artificial intelligence, kick-off meetings and fritz-kola – Emil’s work placement at collectAI

Emil Woermann recently completed a 10 week work experience placement in our Brand&Story team. At the end of the placement he wrote about his experiences, the tasks he was allocated and his thoughts about remote working during the coronavirus pandemic:

24.06.2020 – Press

collectAI launches “Select&Pay” making returns easier than ever

The intelligent payment solution provider collectAI is expanding its range of services in digital, AI-based receivables management. Hamburg-based fintech is now offering e-commerce companies the intuitive returns feature "Select&Pay". Online bills become interactive with "Select&Pay" and enable direct payment with a variable shopping cart.

16.06.2020 – Insights

COVID-19 accelerates digital transformation: 3 good reasons for smart reminders

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our (business) lives in a way that we would never have imagined. Those of us who are determined to focus on the positive aspects of the situation may like to mention that one thing it has most certainly done is accelerate the uptake of digital technologies. As always, a crisis can also be seen as an opportunity, especially for companies willing to embrace change and with the courage to explore new avenues. Berlin restaurants are now allowing digital payments – who would have imagined that before the coronavirus outbreak?

25.05.2020 – Press

Collecting insurance premiums: how artificial intelligence turns dunning into a positive customer experience

Insurance companies are currently under a lot of pressure to adopt new digital technologies. One way of dealing with this challenge is to start by digitalising their dunning processes. When utilised in combination with AI-powered communications, this can radically improve KPIs. 

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