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6 Reasons for invoicing with collectAI

collectAI’s invoicing technology supports your accounts receivable with modern technologies – digital, automatic, flexible. Our solution enables you to reach your customers via the most suitable channel. The white label landing page provides a frictionless payment process for every communication method. As an innovative Hamburg-based company with the Otto Group behind us, we are your ideal partner for electronic invoice processing.

Cost Cutting

Cost Cutting

Digital and flexible with the collectAI software. The use of automated technology significantly reduces the costs for labour and postage for letters. On average, collectAI has so far achieved a cost saving of 41 per cent, and for a partner from the banking industry even of 88.6 per cent.



The technology integrates digital communication and payment methods via an interface to your system. Much of the manual work is eliminated, which improves the efficiency of your staff. At the same time, digitised communication leads to a higher recovery rate and thus to an overall increase in efficiency.

Customer Focus

Customer Focus

Individualised communication via e-mail, text message, or messenger services increases customer satisfaction. A wide range of direct payment options (Debit/Credit Card, Direct Bank Transfer, Sofort, Paypal, etc.) through our White Label Landing Page enables a smooth payment and increases your conversion rates.



Our data privacy measures include encryption techniques to the highest IT security standards. We are happy to secure your landing pages with another verification step for the customer, for example by entering the date of birth or postal code.

Transparency and usability

Transparency and usability

Customer communication is transparent at collectAI: Each e-invoice contains a link to a landing page, which can also display other outstanding amounts ("Multiple Primaries" - link). Customer-friendly payment options such as Paypal, SOFORT or installment payments simplify the process. For questions, contact us.



Personalisation instead of uniformity: our e-invoicing technology identifies the right communication channel, the ideal timing and an individual tonality for each customer. Digital invoices reach their customers via the appropriate communication channel such as text message, e-mail or letter, thus increasing conversion rates and recovery rates.

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Our solution explained

Convenient and simple settlement of invoices on your landing page, online or via letter with included QR code.

What is e-invoicing like with collectAI?

With our AI-based e-invoicing software, we automate electronic invoice processing tailored to your customers and your business. The technology optimises your payment transactions and makes the processing efficient and user-friendly.

Technical Integration

The technical integration of the collectAI solution is straightforward and can be completed within a few working days. It consists of the following steps:

Data exchange

Case data of your customers is transmitted via API or SFTP (CSV, XML or JSON). Our powerful and extensive APIs support the remote control of the collectAI system, for example, to create or delete a link.


We agree with you on the point of contact of sending the e-invoice. The procedure can be adapted at any time and is continuously optimised by our AI ​​technology. At the same time, our management portal gives you the opportunity to make adjustments by yourself.

Landing page

We design the landing page in the look and feel of your brand with the desired functions, language options, feedback options etc. (see Features)

Payment setup

We integrate the preferred payment methods, payment gateways and set up a process for payment reconciliation or payment matching.

Monitoring and reporting

The technical integration takes into account the return of information into your systems. You determine which events should be reported back and which requirements the reporting has. In principle, we offer webhooks as well as standardised weekly reports. On request, we also provide you with the raw data extracts.

Flexible. Simple. Secure. collectAI's e-invoicing software for your digital backoffice.

No matter if you want to digitise your existing accounting processes, or if you want to rebuild your electronic invoice processing – we develop an individual solutions for your company.

Our AI-based payment software personalises your customer communication. We develop a communication strategy including a landing page in the look and feel of your brand. The technology controls the communication over your preferred channels, provides an automatic language selection and is flexible for different currencies and payment methods. Find out more about our USPs here.

The uncomplicated processing brings a positive brand experience to your customers. In case of problems get in touch with customer service via a live chat integrated into the landing page. Even callbacks can be easily requested. As a company, you can track all customer activity in real time and quickly access individual claim data through an intuitive search function.

Considering this, IT security has the highest priority: We use modern encryption techniques, 2-factor authentication, intrusion detection and audit logs for electronic invoices and all other data. As a company, we are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union and also cooperate in the field of cloud technology with a fully certified provider (including ISO 27001, PCI), with servers located in Germany. This is how we ensure the protection of your data and the privacy of your customers.



  • Individually tailored
  • Integration process

The cost of our financial accounting technology depends on the volume of orders and the specific requirements of the client. Therefore, prices are calculated individually for each company. Make an appointment for a consultation with our team and have a free and non-binding analysis for your company.

We offer you numerous opportunities to integrate our e-invoicing software into your system. Comprehensive interfaces for data integration offer individual adaptation to your system landscape. Via the API, the collectAI system communicates with the client in an automated way in real time. This reduces the manual effort to a minimum and at the same time reduces personnel costs.

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What our Clients say


How important is data protection and data security for collectAI?

collectAI provides comprehensive data protection and has implemented a large number of measures on a technical and organisational level. The goal is to protect sensitive data from unauthorised access and to process it according to the required regulations. As a subsidiary of the Otto Group, collectAI is subject to the strict group guidelines in the area of IT security.

What is the impact of the new EU regulations GDPR, or DSGVO?

collectAI complies with GDPR and has already started to prepare for it 12 months before the regulations came into force. collectAI fulfils amongst others the following measures:
  • Compliance with privacy-related processes such as the right of disclosure and deletion
  • Requirements imposed on anonymisation
  • Extension of the documentation

Where is the data stored and processed?

collectAI uses a cloud technology. The AI ​​platform uses servers located in Germany. Contracts ensure that the data can never leave Germany. This applies to all clients from the EU. The cloud provider is fully certified and sets the highest security standards such as ISO 27001, PCI, etc. All data is encrypted during storage (including all backups and during transport) using modern encryption techniques and protected against unauthorised access.

Is the data stored in encrypted form?

collectAI encrypts all data, both the stored data in databases and file system, as well as all data that is transported between systems. collectAI uses modern encryption techniques with the highest security standards as well as a central key management with 2-factor authentication.

What is the collectAI doing for IT security?

collectAI relies on both organisational and technical measures. collectAI has implemented a modern security concept that also enables us to work together with regulated customers such as banks. The security concept regulates the handling of data as well as authorisation and access concepts to protect the data. There are frequent IT security tests to maintain the security level. Measures that collectAI undertakes:
  • modern encryption of all data at any time
  • two-factor authentication
  • intrusion detection
  • comprehensive logging of all activities
  • extensive physical security measures

In which countries can I use e-invoicing technology?

collectAI is active throughout Europe. The focus is on the areas DACH-countries, NORDIC and UK.