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EXECInsurtech: Use Case on AI & Digitisation

At EXECInsurtech 2017 we were honoured to host a discussion table on digitisation and automation as well as a masterclass.

Steve Emecz @EXECInsurtech

Steve talking on collectAI’s solution to digitise receivables by using an AI-based technology.

The masterclass with a dozen delegates, mostly from insurance companies, focused on the ‘4 steps to artificial intelligence’ in a very interactive layout.

The location was excellent with a stunning view out over the river.

Of particular interest to the insurers was the split-testing stage. We A/B test multiple communication scenarios in order to analyse and optimise processes continuously. If you missed the session and would like a copy of the slides please get in touch.

You can read all about the ‘4 steps to artificial intelligence’ in a specific blog post.