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Stadtwerke 2019: Why the use of AI for utilities is a clear competitive advantage

On the 7th and 8th of May the annual Stadtwerke Conference takes place in Berlin. Participants from municipal and regional utilities have one goal: to be smart and innovative, to provide the best experience for existing clients and to be attractive to the customers of tomorrow. In the search for functioning concepts, digitization, artificial intelligence and customer loyalty determine the discussions and specialist contributions.

How to bring energy into your receivables management – for a digital and strong customer loyalty

For energy suppliers, receivables management is an important component of the value chain. Nevertheless, 21 percent of payments fall behind (Bundesnetzagentur 2016). If the customer does not pay energy companies often have a traditionally analogous dunning and debt collection process, which leads to relatively high costs and no insight into customer behavior. These are perfect use cases that can be digitized and offer high potential for savings.

For a customer, settling a water or energy bill should be less arduous than changing the supplier – in many cases, unfortunately, it’s not nowadays.

Customer relations are becoming increasingly important in the digital age. According to the Bundesnetzagentur, competition in the electricity and gas markets continues to increase. Customers tend to switch providers. The software platform of collectAI is based on self-learning algorithms to automate and individualize optimal tonality, channels and the best time to contact – focus is always on e-invoicing, dunning and debt collection.

In our talk on May 8, 2019 at 13.45h on the Silent Stage, you will learn how to use our KI-based solution for digital receivables management for more customer loyalty or arrange an appointment at stand 12 with Steven Busch or Ulf Graubohm.