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PEX Berlin

collectAI joining PEX Berlin – Is AI just a buzzword or reality?

Next week, the 4th edition of Payment Exchange, will take place from 25 to 26th of January. Finance and e-commerce professionals will be gathering at Soho House Berlin to discuss trends and issues in payment and banking industry.

Panel on first day, Thursday 25th at 3.30pm

Mirko Krauel, collectAI CEO, will join the panel on AI “Magic, buzzword or reality” in the payments context moderated by Rafael Otero. Peter Bakenecker from Mastercard, Steven Lemm from Outfittery, Dr. Anna Lukasson-Herzig from Nyris, Roberto Valerio from Risk Ident will be part of the conversation as well. Mirko will explain how our AI-based technology can turn receivables management into a smart and customer-centric process. Please get in touch during the event or send us an email upfront to schedule a meeting. Click here to add the event to your calendar.