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LendIT collectAI 201710

AI expert panel at LendIt Europe on October 9th

I’m delighted to be sitting on the panel discussing “Artificial Intelligence – What is Really Working Today?” at LendIt next week. As the organisers state:

There is no technology that is more hyped today than artificial intelligence. Almost every company in fintech is touting its superior use of AI. In this session we cut through the noise and discover what is working today and what shows promise.

We have been live with clients for more than one year and recently kicked-off our collaboration with two major European lenders. So collectAI is in a good position to share case studies of digitisation and automation in action. Joining the panel will be Lenny Austin from Ravelin, João Menano from James and Abdalla Kablan from The moderator is Michelle Ingham from Raconteur.

It promises to be a fascinating panel and for sure a very interactive audience. If you are attending the event, be sure to join our discussion on the first conference day at 3.55pm at Track B. Also, feel free to schedule a personal meeting with me to learn more about our solution. If you are still looking to join the event, we have an exclusive 25% off code for you: LENDIT17SPEAKER.