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Top 10 Fintech Events

There are many events in the fintech industry – but you have to know, which ones are the right ones. Your precious time should be spent wisely. Therefore we have made a personal selection of the ten key events in Fintech, Payments and Banking, which seem to be the most relevant in Europe.

Artificial Intelligence in Banking

29th to 30.08.2018, Frankfurt am Main
The Artificial Intelligence in Banking Conference addresses the question of how AI can be used as a key technology for banks. The conference brings together banks, fintechs and science. The conference takes place parallel to the “Handelsblatt Annual Conference Banks in Transition” event. It analyses positive developments as well as obstacles. An example of a current obstacle are the PSD2 regulations, which restrict competition.

Speaker: 30

Börsianer Messe

19th to 20.09.2018, Vienna
The Börsianer Messe is the leading trade fair for business and finance. Ideas are to be developed, megatrends discussed and business conducted. The location, the Vienna Hofburg, will become the most important meeting place for the financial industry and the real economy.

Exhibitor: 60
Speaker: 20+

Banking Exchange

27th to 28.09.2018, Frankfurt
The Banking Exchange is a conference within the series of events called Payment and Banking. Instead of sluggish powerpoint presentations, the focus lies on open dialogue between industry experts. Challenges and solutions to current issues in the financial industry are discussed and resolved in a relaxed lounge atmosphere. MD Deutsche Bank, Michael Koch says about the Banking Exchange:

“relevant players from the banking and fintech scene speak about relevant topics that affect everyone. Add to this the right atmosphere, which offers space for intensive exchange, best practices, cooperation initiation, acceleration of ideas and “beyond banking” approaches. After Payment Exchange a must for decision makers and doers! “

Speaker: 14+

LendIt Europe

19th to 20.11.2018, London
The LendIt Europe fair is big and international. In recent years, it has recorded over 1000 visitors. The conference deals with the topic of innovations in the financial sector. An important part of this year’s conference is the startup competition, PitchIt. PitchIt enables innovative fintech startups to present their solution to the LendIt audience of international investors and industry leaders.

Attendees: 1000+
Speaker: 150+

EXEC Insurtech

21st to 22.11.2018, Cologne
The EXEC Insurtech connects all those, who are shaping the insurance world of tomorrow. Startups creating Insurtech solutions or products that will change how and what insurance we need, and the tech investors financing those companies, as well as insurance corporations that are innovating their businesses to be ready for the future.

Attendees: 200+
Speaker: 50+

Paris Fintech Forum

29th and 30.01.2019, Paris
The Paris Fintech Forum invites you to the fourth edition of their event. The organisers have set themselves the goal of becoming the most exclusive digital financial and fintech event in Europe. For example, there will be a CEO-only stage where decision-makers will present current projects. Leading representatives from banks, insurers, telecom companies, regulators and fintech are expected to discuss the future of the financial industry in the digital age.

Attendees: 2600+
Speaker: 220+

Digital Banking Conference

22th and 23.05.2019, Berlin
The Digital Banking Conference is dedicated to the future of banking. Visitors include decision-makers from banks, stock exchanges, fintech and technology companies. The emphasis is on the digital transformation of financial institutions. In 2018 the focus of the conference was: digital identities and data sovereignty, cloud services in banking, the single European financial market, instant payments and artificial intelligence in payments.

Attendees: 700+
Speaker: 60+

Money 20/20

3rd to 5.06.2019, Amsterdam
The three-day event brings together the entire payment, fintech and financial services industry. Ideas are created, partnerships formed and future trends presented. The event is characterised by its size and is attended by international trade visitors from the entire financial sector. Read more in our press release from this year’s event. We look forward to participating in the next year.

Attendees: 5000+
Speaker: 400+

Our stage presentation at this year’s event:


21st to 22.05.2019, Krakow
Impact brings together companies at the forefront of innovation. The companies come from a various sectors to explore the opportunities of a global digital future. This includes Industry 4.0, 5G, IoE, Fintech, Biotechnology and Digital Health, Transportation, Energy and Environment.

Attendees: 6000
Speaker: 250+

Our keynote at Impact’18:


10th to 12.06.2019, Dublin
MoneyConf is expected to attract participants from over 60 countries. The event is organised by the team of Web Summit, the largest technology fair worldwide.

Attendees: 5000+
Speaker: 25+

If you would like to meet us at one of the events, please write us.

Events collectAI