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Explainer, API Features, Management Portal 🌞

This summer we worked on some valuable product features, amongst other news. First of all, we would like to exclusively introduce our new explainer video.

iDeal as an additional Payment Method

One advantage of the collectAI solution is that it easily adapts to international as well as locally preferred payment methods. With iDEAL as an additional service, we can easily serve companies in the Netherlands. We can additionally – as usual – cover PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer, Direct Debit, Credit Cards and SOFORT.

API Functionalities extended

We enhanced our APIs with new powerful features. Soon, multiplicators will be able to create clients and onboard them faster. Besides our existing features for the claim management, we improved the authentication for even higher security standards. Also, claims can now be assigned to scenarios in order to manage disputes. Our API specifications are public here.

New Design of Management Portal

The Management Portal is the centre of our clients’ receivables management. It comes with a new look in line with our corporate identity. Besides a new branding, we optimised the general usability. For instance, we provide new claim lists and a powerful full-text search.

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Templates in Management Portal

As part of our management portal used by our clients, we have now integrated communication templates where you can edit content and adjust communication strategies. We also created an email editor that does not require HTML knowledge (WYSIWYG), here is a screenshot. This makes it easy for you to adjust fonts, colours, links etc. It will be live within the next few weeks.


We are featured in the startup series by Etailment [German]. Also, our upcoming HamburgAI event will take place on September 5th – we are still open for speaking proposals. Please get in touch with us here.


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At which fintech events can you meet us and which our our Top10? Why is it so hard for companies to transform digitally? Studies from Etventure as well as Capgemini and MIT illustrate some of the hurdles.

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