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HamburgAI Recap – Combining AI with the World Cup!

collectAI hosted the fifth HamburgAI event, which took place on June 27th 2018, at Mindspace Hamburg. HamburgAI is a community that brings together startups, bluechip companies and academics. Around 80 guests joined us to discuss the current state of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Our CEO Mirko Krauel moderated the evening and welcomed three AI experts: Janos Moldvay from Atriba, Dr. Stefan Kühn from XING and Konstantinos Papakonstantinou from Kreditech. The talks were followed by vivid discussions and networking.

Janos Moldvay from Atriba

started of by questioning the definition and relevance of AI:

“What can be considered AI and does every company need it?”

He came to the conclusion, that not every company has a competitive advantage by using artificial intelligence. For some companies, like collectAI, XING and Kreditech, it does make sense to use it. In his opinion, the term AI is used too widely at times. The corporate focus should be more on Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Janos is CEO and Co-Founder of Atriba, the marketing attribution system, which allows advertisers to track, control and optimise their online and offline marketing campaigns across all digital marketing channels through AI. Feel free to watch the video of his talk.

Dr. Stefan Kühn from Xing

showed us how large companies can bridge the gap of integrating AI.
Because of vertical versus horizontal organisational structures, large companies have problems of leveraging artificial intelligence. To overcome this struggle, he suggests more qualified c-level managers with a background in data science. In his opinion,

“knowledge and data know-how is “trapped” in product, or service teams”

Dr. Stefan Kühn is Senior Data Scientist at XING, the social network for business professionals, which has over 12 million users in the German market – his talk is also available on  video.

Konstantinos Papakonstantinou from Kreditech

stated the lack of R&D in data science. He also indicated the relevance of beyond out-of-the-shelf machine learning, for any company. One of the problem he sees at his job, is delayed feedback of complete information about customers. He says:

“The sooner we make the observations, to make a new model and to score a new customer, the better for us.”

Kostas is SVP Data Scientist at Kreditech.The company combines non-traditional data sources and machine learning. It aims to provide access to better credit and a higher convenience for direct lending and LaaS – go to the full talk on video.