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collectAI Hackathon 2019: Two Days of Coding

Which challenges of daily work have you always wanted to solve? Can image recognition add value to our product? To what extent does gamification offer a solution? These and other questions were the focus of the first collectAI Hackathon, in which our developers demonstrated their programming skills outside of their regular projects.

Just a quick reminder: In a Hackathon, the participants work on a joint project within a limited period of time. Presentable results should be produced before the time runs out.

Two Days of creative Coding

The Hackathon took place over two days during normal working hours. Four teams were formed, each with three members. Our developers teamed up with colleagues with whom they have not worked before.

“Your code can be as ugly as hell”

The teams were free to choose the topic and technology. Some already brought ideas that their colleagues inspired. Then the keys were already punched. The code didn’t have to be perfect at the hackathon – or as it was written in the briefing: “Your code can be as ugly as hell”. The focus is on exploring new ideas and technologies and of course having fun.

Between Python and Pizza

Our colleagues designed, programmed and tested in a relaxed atmosphere. Sandwiches and the obligatory pizza fuelled our engineers. If we had drawn a prize for the most creative pizza, it would have gone to our Data & Machine Learning Engineer Omar (mushroom pizza with carbonara sauce). 😉

The Hackathon was very well received by our team: “I really enjoy exploring technologies that I have never used before and to work with colleagues from another team. The atmosphere is amazing, everyone is having a great time putting exciting ideas into practice”, enthuses Senior Software Engineer Zuko.

Of black Sheep and romantic Camels

On the third day, all teams – now bearing the creative names Black Sheeps, Yellow Jacket, Romantic Camels and Orange Mouse Studios – presented running software products to the entire company. The colleagues then voted for their favorite project.

The results were impressive: From a game to a solution for secure data transfer to software for visualizing payment data. The greatest enthusiasm was triggered by a Python-based software with Optical Character Recognition. By using intelligent image recognition it digitizes transfer forms by taking a photo.

Join our next Hackathon!

As a growing fintech, we are always looking for talents to join our international team. Apply now and look forward not only to the next Hackathon, but to daily exciting work on our AI-based payment solution. A little side note: We are totally happy with our development team – but a few more women who would like to code with us would be amazing! We ♥ Diversity!

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