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Agile Design Sprints at collectAI: Crafting a digital Prototype within four Days

Within just a few days, a small team of experts from collectAI developed ideas, customer journey maps, storyboards and finally a digital prototype. The results guide the development of new features for our software platform for digital receivables management.

Smart Receivables Management requires individual Solutions

We solve open payments for customers and businesses in a smart, exciting and convenient way. We continuously strive for improvement. Our AI-based software platform for digital receivables management delivers significant results for more than 30 business customers. From traditional banks to modern e-commerce companies: the requirements in receivables management are as diverse as their industries. Therefore, we offer a tailor-made composition of digital communication channels and payment methods that perfectly suits the individual goals of our clients and their customers.

User Experience as a Premise for the Digitization of Receivables Management

When it comes to digitization receivables management, technology is an essential part of it, but the human being using it is just as important. When new solutions are understood, the team can proactively apply them. That’s when user experience (UX) comes into play: The more intuitive the software, the better it finds its way into the processes. Our goal is for each receivables or payment manager to create smart customer communication scenarios that suit their individual requirements.

In a design sprint of four days in total, we tackled the challenge and worked on enhancing our solution with an interdisciplinary team of eight experts: Software developers and user experience specialists joined forces with colleagues from Sales, Marketing and Project Management. They are acquainted with the demands of our business clients and integrate this know-how directly into the DNA of our product.

Our Design Sprint Team

Design Sprint: From Customer Journey Mapping to Prototyping

At collectAI, focusing on clear results is deeply rooted in our values. Design sprints, therefore, are part of it, providing a framework to keep the focus on a well-defined challenge. A design sprint embeds agile ways of working into a structured process: During the whole process, we applied a variety of methods to define requirements, develop ideas, prototype and test. To remain detached from distraction, we worked in an external office guided by Scalamento‘s professional agile coaches.

Der Ablauf des Design Sprints

We collected a diversity of ideas by using multi-method sessions of structured brainstorming and fast-paced scribblings. As post-its and sketches soon spread beyond whiteboards, we voted for the most promising concepts to stay focused. We blended the selected pieces into a comprehensive customer journey. From its core, a prototype was developed.

Unser Team setzte im Design Sprint verschiedene agile Methoden ein

Based on the conceptional fundament, we crafted an interactive, digital prototype within a single day. Each team member had a well-defined task, such as the creation of visual elements. Subsequently, users tested the result. The insights gained will be integrated into our software platform to make the digitization of receivables management even more intuitive and efficient.

You want to be part of our next design sprint? Apply for one of our vacancies and work with us to create inspiring digital solutions for smart receivables management.