Software Platform solves open Payments in E-Commerce

Acer Computer GmbH is one of the world’s leading ICT firms producing notebooks, tablets, PCs, displays and projectors. Looking back on more than 40 years of successfully introducing innovative solutions, Acer has never failed to revolutionize the market with its clever solutions and new technologies. collectAI is supporting Acer’s online shop with its digital receivables management since 2018. The AI-based software platform digitizes and fully automates payment reminder processes for both segments, B2B and B2C.

What our Clients say

Starting Point: Hand-operated Payment Reminder Processes

Acer offers repairing services for its customers – payable exclusively by invoice, no matter if corporate or private client. Before their collaboration with collectAI, payment reminder services at Acer have been processed manually and decentralized. This resulted in standardized letters delivering a low collection rate while demanding high internal efforce.


Acer is currently using the software platform for digital receivables management in three different countries for private customers and corporate clients alike: Germany, Denmark and Sweden, with more markets expected to follow in due time.

  • Data-import made easy: ETL Processing (Extract Transform Load)
  • Various payment methods: Paypal and direct deposit
  • Digital and analog communication channels: Email, text message and letters using integrated QR Codes

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From the Media

Settling open Amounts fast and easy

Thanks to our solutions, Acer’s customers complete payments in under a minute, leading to a higher collection rate and more satisfied customers. Check out the video below and learn how white label payment pages ensure easy payment processes.

Jump starting Success: Higher Collection Rate while cutting Process Costs

Successes result from our approach to smart communication: whereas the focus lies on digital communications through email, text messages and letters using QR codes are available as a backup. In case Acer is not reaching a customer through email, other communication channels come in to play.


Collection Rate 


To offer even more flexibility, the collaboration will soon be extended to include Payment Links. Find more information here.



White Label Payment Pages

Acer offers its customers payment reminders using various communication channels. The messages include a link to a branded payment page. Kept in Acer’s corporate design, the website integrates seamlessly into the customer journey. Through digital payment options, customers can settle due amounts fast and with minimal effort. The payment page is additionally optimized for mobile devices and able to adjust its language based on the browser language it localizes depending on corresponding countries.

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