Companies from all industries must transform their processes in the age of digitization. The cooperation with Fintechs enable large entertrises to adapt flexibly. We already support more than 30 companies to increase collection rates, reduce costs and protect customer relationships through AI-based receivables management. Learn about success stories for digital receivables management in the areas of utility, banking and e-commerce.

Selected References: These Companies have digitized their Receivables Management



Acer Notebooks is one of the world’s largest ICT providers, offering laptops, tablets, 2-in-1s, PCs, displays and projectors. In its more than 40-year history, Acer has repeatedly revolutionized the market with innovative solutions. Since 2018, the solution provided by collectAI has been introducing innovative, digital receivables management in the Acer online shop. In both segments, B2C and B2B, the AI-based software platform digitizes and automates payment reminder processes. Click here to learn more.


Hanseatic Bank

With its innovative credit cards, the company is providing flexible financing models. Customer orientation is the top priority for Hanseatic Bank. In order to achieve this goal, the bank cooperates successfully with collectAI. Digital payment reminders for consumer credit and credit cards have been introduced. Click here to learn more.

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