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Flexibly outsource the receivables process and save internal resources - for a clear focus on your core business.

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6 Reasons for collectAI

Leave the claims management to the experts of collectAI. This gives you more internal capacity for your core business to thrive. As a reliable outsourcing partner, collectAI ensures that these processes are handled cost-effectively, but at the same time with high-level expertise and quality.

Time Saving

Time Saving

Your team continues to focus on the core business, outsourcing business processes such as billing, receivables management and debt collection entirely or partially. This has a positive effect on the work efficiency and thus also on your key figures.

Improved quality

Improved quality

collectAI is the expert for receivables management expert and serves many clients from various industries. With its digital expertise, collectAI brings state of the art technology and ensures fully automated and customer-oriented receivables management.

Higher customer loyalty

Higher customer loyalty

collectAI is a service provider and acts completely in the interest of the clients and their customers. We use the latest technology that supports this customer orientation. If your customer relationship is as important to us as it is to us, this speaks for Business Process Outsourcing with us.

Cost reduction

Cost reduction

As experts in the area of receivables management, we know how processes can be cost-effectively set up and where technology can support. Digital communication channels are more cost-efficient while ensuring faster and higher repayments. It also makes your business more scalable.

Higher Flexibility at lower Risk

Higher Flexibility at lower Risk

By outsourcing the processes to collectAI, you remain flexible and can react quickly without needing to hire additional staff. Changing volumes in receivables management is no problem for us. This flexibility also minimizes risk in crisis situations.



Business Process Outsourcing is not a black box, but transparent and comprehensible for our clients. With collectAI KPI reporting you have full transparency for the outsourced processes. You can view the status at any time via the web-based management portal.

What is special about Business Process Outsourcing with collectAI?

Outsource receivable management processes in parts or entirely: from invoicing to payment reminders to debt collection. collectAI helps with the intelligent automation of such processes. In addition, collectAI can also take over traditional customer service processes such as personal customer care by telephone, e-mail or WhatsApp.

Technical Integration

The technical integration of the collectAI solution is straightforward and can be completed within a few working days. It consists of the following steps:


Jointly with its clients, collectAI determines which processes should be outsourced. The rules of the process are also defined together.

Data exchange

Case data of your customers are transmitted via API or SFTP (CSV, XML or JSON). Our powerful and extensive APIs support the remote control of the collectAI system, for example, to create or delete a link.


Via the collectAI management portal you can determine, control and adjust the customer communication of the payment links yourself.

Landing page

We design the landing page in the look and feel of your brand with the desired functions, language options, feedback options etc. (see Features)

Payment setup

We integrate the preferred payment methods, payment gateways and set up a process for payment reconciliation or payment matching.

Monitoring and reporting

The technical integration takes into account the return of information into your systems. You determine which events should be reported back and which requirements the reporting has. In principle, we offer webhooks as well as standardised weekly reports. On request, we also provide you with the raw data.

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What our Clients say


What is the difference between business process outsourcing and payment reminders as a service?

In business process outsourcing, we take over your complete processes, ranging from the technical integration to communicating with your customers. As a client, you can lean back and fully entrust us the operations in payment reminders. By doing so, you save valuable internal resources and enable your team to focus on the core business. On the other hand, for payment reminders as a service means that collectAI acts as a technical service provider. Thus, clients remain in control of their operations, such as maintaining the customer service. Furthermore, the client takes care of supervising each case including decision making and outbound calls.