Flexible Communication custom-tailored to specific Target Groups

Sophisticated receivables management harmonizes three goals: it optimizes the willingness to pay and thus the realization, reduces the process costs and improves customer retention. The challenge is that some of these goals are in conflict. In addition to that, the context in which companies operate becomes continuously more dynamic and customers’ needs diversify. In this case, Artificial Intelligence offers an ideal solution.


Artificial Intelligence controls Parameters like Timing and Communication Channel

To be successful, delivering an individually tailored experience for each customer is decisive. Therefore, the solution supports decision-making in regard to different measures and the content used in the communication process based on Artificial Intelligence. The AI is fully automated and self-learning. The client determines the influence of the AI and to which parameters control is granted.

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Machine Learning as central Element of the Software Platform

collectAI applies Machine Learning algorithms from the field of “Deep Learning”.

Overview of “Artificial Intelligence” development including its subareas “Machine Learning” and “Deep Learning”.

Why Deep Learning?

  • Unlike “traditional” Machine Learning, the technology acquires knowledge independently and human intervention is done only by providing data, not an interpretation of it.
  • Deep Learning applies neural networks where knowledge is implicit. Although expected behavior is trained, exact details for solutions are not defined in advance.
  • Deep learning understands complex relationships without prior knowledge – which also means that no pre-interpretation (“bias”) arises. An example based on our image: If the task is to recognize a cat, the software is not told “This is what the cat looks like”, but it collects knowledge that enables it to independently identify a cat.
  • Moreover, exciting applications for deep learning include the areas of face recognition, object recognition and speech recognition.

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