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LendIt 2017: “Artificial Intelligence – What is Really Working Today”

This was the subject for the AI panel at LendIt Europe in London last week. It was a fascinating panel in front of a packed audience. Chaired by journalist Michelle Ingham from Raconteur, the participants included four very different companies using AI.

LendIt brought a group together to “cut through the noise” and hype around AI and find some practical examples of how it is being used by businesses today. Mairtin O’Riada from Ravelin was part of the discussion (he sat on the right side from the audience point of view). The company works on fraud – in his own words an extremely specific application of machine learning. Our side of the panel with me representing collectAI was more focussed on applications of AI – with Joao Abiul Menano from James and Abdalla Kablan from Amico bringing the more wide-ranging uses.

The discussion touched on topics such as:

  • How easy it is to get going with machine learning
  • Practical applications
  • Key performance metrics
  • Ethical questions
  • The replacement of human jobs

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