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Artificial Intelligence and Fintech

Artificial Intelligence and Fintech

In two weeks in Rome at Blast Project 2017 I’ll be delivering a keynote talk on ‘AI in Financial Services’. My talk will be on Wednesday 10th in the afternoon on the main stage so if you’re coming along please drop in.

Blast Project is being held at Fiera Roma, on the outskirts of Rome. The event runs for three days and focus subjects for 2017 are VR/AR, AI, Fintech, Foodtech, IOT and Aerospace.

A good fit for us as we are AI in Fintech so span the two categories. The question I will be posing to the audience is ‘Have we reached the tipping point for AI in Financial Services in 2017?’

I met with three major players in payments yesterday (separately) in London and here are some of the things they said when I posed the question;

“Payments is a natural place to deploy AI and lots of people are looking at it”

“Applying AI to receivables makes a lot of sense – with its many manual processes it will make a big difference to performance”

“It will take time. AI has to be able to interact with what is already there. Some of the systems we’re trying to address have been there for fifty years or more”

“It’s not necessarily about speed, its about creating a frictionless customer experience”

“The timing is really good to be involved with AI – you’re in the right space”

I would be interested in your comments and thoughts ahead of the talk.