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AI In The Real World

This Thursday I’ll be presenting a live case study of AI being used in financial services at the AI Expo at Estrel in Berlin (1st and 2nd June). The late afternoon on Day 1 in the AI for Enterprise stream is split into how to work with AI today (including us collectAI) and the hottest AI start-ups for 2017.

I’m intrigued to see how the format will work. The AI Expo is co-located with the IOT Expo and the Blockchain Expo and with that combined subject matter has drawn some heavyweight speakers from some of Europe’s largest players.

I’m looking forward to the talks from Dr Andreas Braun (Head of Data Analytics for Allianz), Max Amordeluso (EU Head of New Technologies at Amazon) with lots on alexa, and of course Aurelien Nicolas (CTO, Deckard) who is presenting alongside me in the live platforms section.

A couple of weeks ago I presented at the Banking and Insurance Summit (also Berlin) and had the interesting comment that it was “nice to see a salesman talking about AI”. I’m getting that reaction a lot lately – not so much the salesman bit, but the real world part of AI being used in specific live applications. We are getting a lot of technical talks on AI and how it will transform the future, but it is indeed nice to be involved in an area where it is transforming current processes.

We naturally spent most of our first year of operation with several large retail clients (being part of Otto there’s not much of a surprise there) but this summer will see us go live with a couple of very large utilities and a bank so the opportunity for automation and digitisation can be found wherever there is a large volume of receivables.

I look forward to seeing some of you in Berlin and I’ll report back on the triple format (AI, IOT, Bockchain) after the event.