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AI-based technology

Artificial Intelligence Forecast from CBInsights

Most companies treat their late-paying customers in a one size fits all manner. However, this is not suitable to today’s digital customer expectations. Digital payment reminders that are run by an AI-based technology are customer centric. Also, they help increasing conversion rates and reducing process costs. This is also the digital receivables management solution by collectAI.

Applying AI is not new, but slowly comes into mainstream across all industries. This is underlined by a current report from CBInsights. As part of 13 AI trends to watch this year researches highlight:

  • The ‘AI for X’ trend is unstoppable and machine learning can basically be used to do anything.

  • White collar workers will face the effects of AI as much as blue-collar laborers.

  • AI is getting decentralised. Information can be processed on a local device instead of on a central cloud or server.

  • The machine learning hype will soon die. The normalisation of machine learning will make investors picky about the AI companies they fund.

According to its industry heat map of AI, FinTech is one of the industries in which AI is the most widely applied, as well as healthcare and cross-industry applications.