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AI Could Transform the Lives of 800 Million People

According to Robert Opp from the UN World Food Programme AI is set to transform the way that major organisations tackle world hunger. AI Applications are underway already and.Rob gives us some practical examples,

“In emergencies, AI can transform the way the international community responds to crises such as the Nepal Earthquake. By automating the analysis of massive amounts of data collected by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), AI can help to assess the damage and provide humanitarian actors with the information they need in almost real time to save lives and help those most in need.”

In terms of food production itself, AI is already being used in the west but there is the opportunity to expand it;

“The emergence of low-cost sensors and UAVs has made it feasible to collect vast quantities of information on weather, soil conditions and crop status. AI can analyze these data to help farmers understand when to fertilize their produce and thereby drastically increase crop yields and market value. This is already being done in the developed world and needs to be rolled out to developing countries to drastically improve the productivity of smallholder farmers, which make up 60% of the world’s poor.”

My day job is in AI and I am involved in several CSR projects in Africa and am really fascinated how the two could be combined.

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