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With our digitally supported receivables management, the goals of recovery rate, costs and customer satisfaction can be optimised at its best.

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6 Reasons for debt collection with collectAI

Friendly debt collection delivers better results. By emphasising customer-centric communication, collectAI establishes a balance between costs, realisation and customer relationship.

Fair Fees

Fair Fees

We challenge the bad reputation of debt collection. The collectAI fee scale is set below the legal limits. We are convinced that high fees do not add value to your business. Our focus is on securing customer relationships, which is why we value fair fees.

Modern Communication

Modern Communication

We have banished the word "debtor" from our vocabulary. We believe that every debtor is above all a customer. After all, you have invested a lot of time and money in your marketing to persuade these customers to sign a contract or purchase. Our positive attitude towards your customer pays off through an improved customer relationship.

Better and Faster Realisation

Better and Faster Realisation

collectAI's AI-based technology is focused on reaching out to your customers in the best possible way. Through an individualised approach, modern communication channels such as messenger services and extensive debt collection know-how, we achieve a better recovery rate ("Kept Promise to Pay").

Accessibility & Know-how

Accessibility & Know-how

It is important that your customers can reach us at any time should questions arise. Our customer service ensures full accessibility during business hours via chat, email, messenger and telephone. Our employees are experienced and well trained debt collection staff.

Management Portal

Management Portal

In our management portal you can see live the status of your cases incl. any communication that we have sent to your customers. You can also provide us with updates about your customers at any time via the portal.

No Purchase of Receivables

No Purchase of Receivables

collectAI focuses on customer-centered receivables management without the purchase of receivables (factoring). In general, this is an advantage for customers and clients - if the needs of the customer and thus the preservation are the focus, we focus on of fair payment reminder mechanisms and debt collection. If the claim is in the possession of the service provider, then usually there are other priorities.

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Our solution explained

Use a modern debt collection solution that bundles all communication measures and controls them in a customer-oriented way.

What is special about the debt collection software by collectAI?

collectAI rethinks debt collection: Our innovative solution ensures that customers are addressed individually using an AI algorithm. Modern communication channels, appropriate tonality and a modest fee scale lead to a fair treatment and higher recovery rates.

Technical Integration

The technical integration of the collectAI solution is straightforward and can be completed within a few working days. It consists of the following steps:

Data Exchange

Case data of your customers are transmitted via API or SFTP (CSV, XML or JSON). Our powerful and extensive APIs support the remote control of the collectAI system, for example, to create or delete a link.

Monitoring und Reporting

The technical integration takes into account the return of information into your systems. You determine which events should be reported back and which requirements the reporting has. In principle we offer webhooks as well as standardised weekly reports. On request, we also provide you with the raw data.

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What our Clients say


Does collectAI charge debt collection fees?

collectAI prioritizes preserving a sustainable relationship with customers. This is our average fees in debt collection are far below the legally permitted amounts - in average these are 40% below the permitted sum.

Does collectAI factor receivables?

collectAI is not a factoring company and thus does not buy any claims. Generally, this is beneficial for customers and clients. If the needs of the customer and thus customer retention are the focus, debt collection and payment reminder are fair and transparent. If the claim is in the possession of the service provider, then usually other goals are in the first place.

Is collectAI buying my demands?

collectAI does not buy any receivables and is therefore not a factoring company. collectAI focuses on customer-centred receivables management as a service provider. This means that claims are not purchased.

What differentiates collectAI from classic debt collection managers?

collectAI also integrates digital communication channels: In addition to the letter, we use text message, e-mail and messenger services to communicate a payment reminder to the customer. In addition, artificial intelligence controls the ideal time, the right tonality and the channel of communication. All in all, collectAI's digital transformation is always about a changed attitude towards the defaulting customer: the word debtor should be eliminated from the vocabulary. Why? We recommend that customers who have invested a lot of money in acquisition continue to be labelled and treated as customers. After all, in the highly competitive sectors of e-commerce, banking, insurance, publishing, and utilities, nothing is more important than the preservation of your customers.

Does the customer know that collectAI provides the service?

In contrast to the white label solution offered as part of the payment reminder and e-invoicing services, the debt collection service is conducted under the brand of collectAI.

Is collectAI permitted to operate as a debt collection service provider?

collectAI is an officially licensed debt collection service provider operating within the German debt collection law.