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Money2020 Europe: Exhibition & Announcement

Money2020 Europe is just around the corner. From June 4 until 6, it will discuss the future of money with the entire payments, fintech and financial services industry. “Everyone is here, every time” as the organisers stated themselves. If you haven’t registered yet, feel free to use the code COLLECTAI200 for a discounted ticket. 

Live at the Money2020 Announcement Stage

Take a break from the hype around AI during Money2020. We invite you to take a look at a live case of machine learning within a bank that has delivered real results in a back office environment. Our use case focuses on overdue loan payments and overdue card balances. We added a smart receivables management solution with multiple communication scenarios to the current process (phone calls and bulk email and SMS). Reminders are being digitally tracked and optimised regarding timing, channel and tone of the message. With this, collectAI’s machine learning platform increased collection rates and drastically reduced costs.

At 4.20pm on 4th June, the first day of the conference, our CEO Mirko Krauel will announce our collaboration exclusively on stage together with the MD of a German bank. Be sure to join our announcement as it will be a successful use case with a lot of take aways for your own company. 

Find our booth K45 right at the Entrance of the Exhibition hall

Also, you are invited to booth at Money2020 located at “K45”. Feel free to book in a live demo with Mirko, Steve or Max here. To date, collectAI is helping 25 medium and large business across all industries in DACH, NORDICS and UK to digitise and automate their receivables management processes. Let’s discuss if this could also be the right solution for you. More info is available on our press site.