Love your customer’s journey

Just in time for Valentine’s Day a news that isn’t news: Loving your customer is crucial for the success of your business. Especially after the purchase of a product or service, it is important to continue the positive customer

• February 12, 2018

collectAI at the Merchant Payment Ecosystem Conference in Berlin

The Merchant Payment Ecosystem (MPE) Conference will take place in Berlin from February 20 to 22nd. Merchants with

• February 9, 2018

Payment morality trend: Every tenth invoice is overdue

The German Debt Collection Union (BDIU) found that payment morality of young consumers at the age until 24 years

• January 24, 2018

HamburgAI with IBM, Codecentric, Interone and over 180 participants

collectAI is the ambassador of HamburgAI, a local community gathering connected to CityAI. Last Wednesday, January

• January 16, 2018

collectAI joining PEX Berlin – Is AI just a buzzword or reality?

Next week, the 4th edition of Payment Exchange, will take place from 25 to 26th of January. Finance and e-commerce

• December 19, 2017

Digitisation: Survival of the Fittest

The business world finds itself in one of the biggest stages of transformation since industrialisation. The advancing

• December 14, 2017

AI is not the future, it’s the now!

Impact CEE is one of the key organisers when it comes to technology events in Europe. We were honoured to contribute a

• December 5, 2017

Six Success Factors for Customer-Focused Receivables

According to statistics by the IMF as well as different studies, there is still work to be done on receivables

• November 19, 2017

EXECInsurtech: Use Case on AI & Digitisation

At EXECInsurtech 2017 we were honoured to host a discussion table on digitisation and automation as well as a

• November 17, 2017

NOAH London 2017

We presented at the NOAH conference in London this month. The video with our CCO, Steve Emecz, provides a brief

• November 1, 2017

Fintech Week Hamburg 2017

The Fintech Week is coming up, we are getting ready to kick it off next Monday. collectAI is proud to represent fintech

• October 27, 2017

Four Steps to Artificial Intelligence in Receivables Management

Startups focusing on Artificial Intelligence are shaking up the traditional financial services and insurance

• October 23, 2017

LendIt 2017: “Artificial Intelligence – What is Really Working Today”

This was the subject for the AI panel at LendIt Europe in London last week. It was a fascinating panel in front of a

• October 11, 2017

The check is in the mail

We are in digital 2017. However, customers’ payments are still preferably handled manually by postal mail and paper

• October 6, 2017

“AI in Fintech” at Retail Banking Forum Vienna

collectAI likes like specialist conferences – even though we do serve several industries, we have concrete use case

• October 5, 2017

Top 5 Reasons for Companies to use E-invoices

Nowadays most invoices are still sent via letter despite  e-invoices offering a lot of benefits. E -invoices are

• October 4, 2017

AI expert panel at LendIt Europe on October 9th

I’m delighted to be sitting on the panel discussing “Artificial Intelligence – What is Really

• September 22, 2017

collectAI at Bits & Pretzels in Munich #BITS17

To share this great networking opportunity with you, we offered a free ticket for Bits & Pretzels in Munich

• September 13, 2017

Is AI a friend or foe for contact centre workers?

There are several commentators sharing some very positive messages around the impact of artificial intelligence on jobs

• September 12, 2017

CB insights featuring collectAI in its AI fintech market map

The most recent “AI In Fintech Market Map” by the renowned research institute, CB Insights, features 100+

• September 7, 2017

Artificial Intelligence and Fintech

In two weeks in Rome at Blast Project 2017 I’ll be delivering a keynote talk on ‘AI in Financial

• September 1, 2017

AI Could Transform the Lives of 800 Million People

According to Robert Opp from the UN World Food Programme AI is set to transform the way that major organisations tackle

• July 26, 2017

It’s the customer, stupid! Not the debtor

A critical part of modernising the receivables and debt collection processes starts with the attitude towards the

• May 28, 2017

AI In The Real World

This Thursday I’ll be presenting a live case study of AI being used in financial services at the AI Expo at

• April 25, 2017

Will banking bring back the personal touch through AI?

According to the recent Accenture Banking Technology Vision 2017 report, four out of five senior banking execs (they

• April 18, 2017

Wells Fargo Tests AI-Driven Chat Experiences with Facebook Messenger

Are we seeing AI reaching a tipping point in Financial Services? In my talk ‘AI In Financial Services’ at