Your efficient debt collection service

Automate your dunning process and achieve lower default rates.

Intelligent platform technology

Discover the many advantages of our self-learning software solution.

Your industry-optimized solution

Benefit from customized customer addressing and case handling.

Our services

Addressing customers across all channels

We contact your debtors in personalized voice calls, by text messages, and via messenger programs such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Quick case clarification

You save considerable costs due to accelerated payment processing and resolution in the event of disputes.

Integrated payment processing

Communication via e-mail, text messages, and chat messages makes it possible to integrate links to payment websites. Thanks to pre-filled fields, problems in allocating payments are avoided.
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Your benefits

Long-term customer relationship

We look into problems in the payment process at an early stage and in dialog with the debtor. The focus lies on an untroubled relationship between you and your customers.

Cost savings

The automation of your dunning process relieves pressure on your accounting department and thus saves valuable working hours. What’s more, a fast dunning process improves the liquidity of your company.

Low default rates

We have allowed a great deal of knowledge of behavioral research to flow into our debtor communication and thus ensure noticeably faster payments and a lower default rate. 

Clear reporting

You gain an overview of your receivables at all times and always get the most important key figures prepared clearly.